Clearflow is an Indigenous business and member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business. We are water treatment experts with a diverse line of products and services, providing you with unique, innovative, site-specific answers to your soil and water challenges. Clearflow has developed a line of polymer products with a suite of services provided by professional engineers, chemists, scientists, project managers and installers.


Our Core Values


Utilize our unique products and holistic approach to provide the best comprehensive solution to the clients problem

Design effective and simple systems, products and processes that can be performed using minimal high-level technical personnel

Minimize costs to the client by integrating with and utilizing existing infrastructure wherever possible

Provide the most environmentally friendly products available and minimize clients carbon footprints

Offer clients outstanding SERVICE, CREDIBILITY, and INTEGRITY

We Are Stewards of the Environment

Clearflow began in 2005 as a response to the drive towards more sustainable environmental stewardship and stricter regulatory controls. We are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who focus on innovation to come up with one-of-a-kind answers to your environmental needs.

With our industry-leading polymer product line, our clients meet or exceed environmental regulations, set and achieve water discharge targets, and reduce their environmental footprint. With our polymer products and services, you can attain the industry standard and accepted “Best Management Practices.”


Academic Grant Policy

Policy Objective

It is recognized that indirect/overhead costs are a necessary part of an organization’s operations and that the organization will be compensated for this overhead as part of a contribution agreement. The objective of this policy is to inform Universities and Colleges on how Clearflow will contribute towards their indirect/overhead costs when they enter into a contribution agreement. The policy provides direction to determine which costs are eligible for compensation. It aims to ensure uniformity of application in order to be fair to all organizations.


Policy Statements

It is the policy of Clearflow to ensure that a contribution towards an organization’s indirect/overhead costs are part of any research agreement for the period covered by their contribution agreement. This policy is applicable to all research agreements with Clearflow.


Effective Date

The version of this current policy is effective starting Sept 1, 2020. This policy applies to all new contribution agreements that commence on or after September 1, 2020. This policy will be reviewed five years after the implementation date and periodically thereafter.



This document details Clearflows policy regarding the compensation of indirect/overhead costs incurred by Canadian Universities and Colleges carrying out research projects subject to a contribution agreement with Clearflow.


Overhead Compensation Rate

5.1 For non-Tri-agency grants, a maximum fixed overhead compensation rate of 20%, applicable to Clearflows contribution towards the direct program/project costs eligible for the application of the overhead compensation rate OR the Universities/Colleges stated policy overhead compensation rate, whichever is lower.


5.2 For Tri-Agency grants (i.e., SSHRC, NSERC, and CIHR). It is recognized that the Canadian federal government directly support the indirect costs of research funded by the National Granting Councils (Tri-Agencies) and Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) through the federal Research Support Fund grant. Canadian universities receive an annual grant to contribute towards their indirect costs of research based on the average level of funding over the previous three years from those sources (averaging 22-25% of total funding). Under this program, it is deemed that the University/College already receives overhead. Therefore, for eligible Tri-agency grants covered by the Research Support Fund, the overhead rate on Clearflow contributions shall be 0%. Indirect costs should not be included in individual grant applications to the Tri-Agencies programs that are covered under the Research support fund.


Information Requests

Any request for clarification or interpretation should be made to Clearflow management.


Clearflow has been fortunate enough in the last ten years to have been awarded many prestigious awards. This would not have been possible if not for the extraordinary vision and dedication by Jerry Hanna and the team at Clearflow.


Global Growth Award


Clearflow Group Inc. won the 2019 Business Award for Global Growth from the Sherwood Park & District Chamber of Commerce.

“Clearflow Group Inc are pre-treatment experts, providing clients with unique, innovative, site-specific answers to soil and water challenges. They manufacture the Water Lynx and Soil Lynx products and systems here in Sherwood Park. Clearflow currently has distributors in the UK, India, China and has just signed on a large distributor for all of Scandinavia.  Using technologies verified by two major Canadian universities and the National Research Council of Canada, they have been able to facilitate their marketing plan both locally and abroad.


Waterloo Pond 53 Top Project 2020

SWS 2020 Top Projects: Municipal Storm Water Management Facility Sediment Removal, Reuse and Water Quality Retrofit Project


SWS Managing Editor Katie Johns is joined by Jim Hartman, senior associate of Greenland Consulting and Andrew Palmer, project manager for Greenland Consulting, to discuss the Municipal Storm Water Management Facility Sediment Removal, Reuse and Water Quality Retrofit Project.

This project included sediment removal and the reuse and retrofit for a storm water management facility called “Pond #53” in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The main goal of the project was to identify solutions to address known storm water flow control volume and water quality issues. Additionally, the project sought to design innovative practices that were designed to improve efficiencies in sediment cleanouts and disposal, implement a retrofit design to facilitate improved sediment removal and downstream water quality and provide better sediment disposal options. 

The videos in this Top Project series will be presented in no particular order, except our final video, which will feature our #2020 Top Project.


Clearflow in India 2017


Business Edmonton 2015


“With a view to creating environmentally-focused industry solutions, Clearflow has become a game changer.”


– Nerissa McNaughton, Business Edmonton


and earlier

A vision to improve the way we treat water.

This vision has been noticed and acknowledged by a number of organizations in the past. We would like to take a moment to thank these organizations for recognizing us and the work we do. We will keep working hard to influence industry and society to use water more sustain-ably and efficiently.


Finalist of the 2014 Manning Award for Canada
Winners of the 2013 Alberta Science and Technology Award (ASTECH)
Winners of the 2013 Edmonton Business Leaders of Tomorrow Award
Winners of the 2010 Environmental Protection Award SPCC Winners of the 2009 Innovative Technologies Award SPCC
Featured in the 2014 Alberta Venture Magazine as one of Alberta’s most Innovative Organizations
Featured in Biotic Earth — A biotic/living approach to hydroseeding
Featured in Stormwater Treatment, a textbook used in many educational institutions
Top finalist for the Manning Award for Canadian Innovation
Featured in Sherwood Park News, the Edmonton Sun, CityTV Featured on water.ca for an interview regarding the 2014 Manning award
Chosen as one of 12 Canadian companies to present at the 2015 Acqueau Conference in Paris by the National Research Council of Canada
Clearflow is also involved with numerous industry associations and organizations that influence water usage. Jerry Hanna has been heavily involved with youth and industry education. He sits on several committees attracting the attention of influential individuals with Clearflow’s mission.

In Association with:

Alberta Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)
Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC)
Alberta Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association
Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESSA)
Canadian Council For Aboriginal Business