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Gel Floc


The 300 Series Gel Flocculant Blocks are negatively charged and cause particles to form large floccules that are more easily separated from water.


Gel Floc


The 400 Series Gel Flocculant Blocks are used to pretreat suspended solids making them easier to bind together with 300 Series Blocks. Use of 400 Series Gel Flocculants are effective in removing some metals and nutrients from the water.


Gel Floc


The 600 Series Gel Flocculant Blocks are positively charged and are used to flocculate solids that are organic in origin.


Gel Floc


The Neutralizer Block is a negatively charged product that releases faster than the standard 300 Series products. It is used to neutralize the positive charge of 600 Series Gel Flocculants or other cationic flocculants and coagulants.


Clearflow Group Inc., founded in 2005, aspires to be the leading North American provider of high-quality flocculant solutions. We are committed to meeting the demands of our customers and consumers in the mining, industrial, agricultural, and municipal sectors. Our product portfolio includes flocculants for a variety of applications, which helps to simplify and minimize operational expenses while also improving the ecosystem.

Our purpose is to bring scientific yet practical procedures into the commercial, municipal and mining sectors. Clearflow focuses on offering reliable, high-quality flocculant solutions for industry from our headquarters and production facility in Phoenix, Arizona.



We are dedicated to addressing the needs of our customers and consumers in both domestic and international markets. Click on a region below for local information 

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SWS Clearflow Webinar

A February 14th Storm Water Solutions-hosted webinar sponsored by Clearflow Group

Pilot Project review from Innisfil Ontario Canada on the use of Advanced Sedimentation Products (Gel Flocculants) to successfully reduce Total Suspended Solids and Phosphorus from Stormwater flowing into Lake Simcoe. Data on removal rates, details of installation and information on the parameters required for Gel Flocculant. How to immediately turn stormwater management facilities into effective treatment ponds without CAPEX costs thus bringing your discharge back into regulatory compliance. Interested in learning how Clearflow products can help your site, register for the webinar here:

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Clearflow Group Inc. Water Canada Feature

Innisfil’s Erosion and Advanced

Sedimentation Pilot Project 


MUNICIPALITIES HAVE LONG struggled with adequately funding stormwater management infrastructure and watershed protection. The ever-inflating costs of engineering, construction, and equipment have left a large gap between funding and potential projects. This has often resulted in poor-quality water leaving our towns and cities and entering the natural environment. For decades industries like mining have had to meet water quality regulations for their sites’ stormwater runoff and those standards continue to become. increasingly stringent. Yet, many municipalities in Canada have largely been spared these regulations in part due to the costs required to meet this challenge.


Industry has been able to effectively comply with stormwater regulations by leveraging emerging technologies to protect the environment. In a recently completed study funded by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities...

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Re: Pond 53 Creekside Stormwater Management Area – Clearflow Product

The Creekside Stormwater Management Area (Pond 53) project was a two-part pilot initiative undertaken by the City of Waterloo in partnership with Clearflow Group Inc. as well as other agencies. Pond 53 is located in the Laurelwood area of the City of Waterloo and feeds to the Laurel Creek Reservoir.

The purpose of this project was to remove the sediment and re-design/retrofit the Pond to improve the inlet & outlet structures, improve function through the use of new innovative technologies and increase flow lengths for improved water quality.

The City wanted to reduce both the maintenance cost and man hours spent maintaining the pond by utilizing innovative technology from Clearflow Group US Inc. A new retrofitted Pond design was implemented using Clearflow Gel Flocculant Blocks. This product was installed at all inlet locations to the pond to excite and bind suspended sediments together so they are able to settle out more rapidly. This has proven to be an effective method to bind fine particles for settlement in the forebay area. The blocks are easy to install, inspect and maintain.

During sediment removal, the “Ultrabind” product was applied as a binding agent to reduce the water content of the sediment, thereby improving efficiencies in handling the material and significantly reducing the costs through the elimination of stockpiling/dewatering and double hauling. Ultrabind was mixed into the wet sediment to meet slump testing without adding significant volume for disposal. It was easy to apply and met slump testing requirements within 24hrs of application. The City of Waterloo will certainly consider using these products on future cleanouts and retrofits, where needed.

Kindest Regards,

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Jessica Kellerman, P.Eng.

Manager – Stormwater Operations and Construction

Integrated Planning and Public Works


Global Growth

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