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Industrial Plant Storm Water Retrofit

A key player in the Canadian energy value chain, and they are dedicated to reducing emissions and energy consumption while supporting resource conservation and environmental responsibility.


Edmonton Terminal

Our Edmonton Terminal is comprised of approximately 1.7 million barrels of storage and is strategically located near two major refineries as well as the origin of two major export pipelines.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, our terminal is strategically connected to “Pipeline Alley”, one of the key energy transportation hubs in Canada as well as two major refineries and the origination point of two major egress pipelines. Our Edmonton Terminal also offers customers flexibility in getting crude oil, liquids and refined products to high-value markets through our manifest rail loading with service from both major rail networks.

GEI Laboratory:

This Energy Lab is located at the Edmonton terminal found on “Refinery Row” along 17th Street. We support EH&S excellence and exemplary level of quality assurance and customer value and provide accurate, repeatable, and timely analysis of oil and gas samples for our internal and external customers.

Our test methodology is based on accredited ASTM procedures, guidelines and recommended practices and is governed by a quality management system to ensure data integrity and customer satisfaction. The lab operates 24/7 with qualified lab technicians that have completed the Competency Management & Development System (CMDS) training program.

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