Mat Staples & Wooden Peg 

Mat Staples: 

 - We carry 6″ & 8″ square top and 6″ round top wire staples (sod staples).
 - 6″ staples are 11 gauge and 8″ staples are 8 gauge.
 - Wire staples are used to hold sod, ground cloth, landscape fabrics, plastic vapor barriers, irrigation pipes and many other products in place.
 - Staples can be purchased individually or by the box.

Wooden Pegs: 

 - 2” x 2” x 42” hardwood stakes are pencil point or chisel point sharpened for easy installation as silt fence posts, for tree stabilization, or in      general gardening applications.
 - 1” x 2” hardwood stakes are chisel point sharpened for easy installation of jute, erosion control blankets, straw wattles and fiber rolls. Other uses include general gardening and landscaping.
 - Stakes are packaged in bundles of 50 and are available in 16”, 18” & 24” lengths.
 - 6″ (box of 1000) and 12″ (box of 500) wood landscape anchors (netting stakes) are used for pinning erosion matting, turf sods, netting, agricultural mulch and weed membranes.
 - The stakes are used by landscapers, and professional groundsmen, but they are also great for camping. Available in full boxes only.


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