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How To Effectively Treat Stormwater Utilizing Existing Infrastructure

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SWS Clearflow webchat

This webchat will cover a Pilot Project review from Innisfil, Ontario on the use of Advanced Sedimentation Products (Gel Flocculants) to successfully reduce Total Suspended Solids and Phosphorus from Stormwater flowing into Lake Simcoe.

Join to hear about data on removal rates, details of installation, and information on the parameters required for Gel Flocculant. You'll learn how to immediately turn stormwater management facilities into effective treatment ponds without CAPEX costs, thus bringing your discharge back into regulatory compliance.

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A February 14th Storm Water Solutions-hosted webinar sponsored by Clearflow Group

We Will Cover

Review of the FCM funded Pilot Study undertaken in Innisfil Ontario to Assess advanced sedimentation technologies designed to reduce the sediment and nutrient loading rates to Lake Simcoe from stormwater runoff.

You Will Take Away

How To Easily Reduce Treatment Costs

Improve Water Quality, Reduce phosphorus, metals, and more!

Cut GHH Emissions

Achieve And Exceed Regulatory Compliance

About The Host


About The Speaker

Brad Griko

VP of Sales and Marketing
Clearflow Group Inc.

Brad's 30-year Water and Wastewater career has encompassed various roles and responsibilities. Beginning as a public Utility Operator and Graduate of the NAIT Water/Wastewater Technician program he worked in treatment plants as well as distribution and collection systems for nearly two decades in several municipalities. Moving next to industrial treatment processes he delivered Start-up and Commissioning services with Siemens on membrane treatment processes, filtration equipment and Ion exchange systems. Looking for a change of pace Brad then began a sales role with Veolia in Western Canada representing instrumentation, pumps, treatment systems and lab equipment. For the last 5 years, Clearflow Group has been home and Gel Flocculant application has been his focus as VP of Sales and Marketing.

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