Dust Lynx H56L

Dust Lynx H56L Liquid Dust Control

Dust Lynx H56L is an environmentally friendly product that provides a safe and easy solution to dust situations. Dust Lynx H56L is designed for gravel road and parking lot type applications. It is suitable to use in all environmental conditions.

General Application Information

Coverage – Clearflow recommends a maximum coverage of 1,500 square meters per 1,000 liters tote.

Blending – Our Dust Lynx H56L is delivered as a concentrated and should be diluted with clean water. The final amount of water will depend upon dilution factor required, the maximum dilution should be no more than a Maximum of 2:1 to a Minimum of 1.5:1.  (Water to Dust Lynx H56L concentrate)

Application Amount – Final dosing volumes should equal 2 Liters per Sq Meter (L/m2).    2:1 will cover 1,500 m2 ; 1.5:1 will cover 1,250 m2 ]

Application Rate – Standard road applications would be done in two passes, putting down 1 L/m2 on each pass.

Curing time – No more than 1/2 hour between applications – we want surface damp so concentrated mixture follows the first application, but not too saturated or too dry.

The second pass should be done after water is absorbed (no standing pools) but the surface is not totally dried out.


Recommended Application Protocol   

Recommended Procedure

Road surface needs to have the following completed:

  • First 1” Scratched to loosen top coat.
  • Presoak.
  • Windrow.
  • Apply Dust Lynx H56L, at 1 liter per square meter, in 2 Passes, ensuring the windrow is soaked.
  • Spread windrow back out.
  • Pack.


Using higher concentrations of Dust Lynx H56L will make the surface area harder.


Mixing Instructions:

  • Read MSDS thoroughly.
  • Know the size of your tank.
  • Dust Lynx H56L can be mixed directly in your tank.
  • Ensure tote is thoroughly mixed before emptying into the tank.
  • This can be accomplished by sucking in and out of the tote.
  • Mix concentrate at a ratio of 2:1, IE: 2,000 liters of water will be required for one a 1,000 Liter Tote of Dust Lynx H56L.
  • Higher concentrations (IE: 1.5:1) will create stiffer surfaces but will not necessarily enhance dust control or reductions. All depends on traffic and road construction.


Dust Lynx H56L has an LC 50 of > 1,000 on Rainbow Trout and EC 50 of > 1,000 on Daphnia Magna
For more information on toxicity please see our Dust Lynx H56L MSDS.

Typical Properties:

Appearance: Dark Brown Viscous Liquid
Flash Point:  >93’C
Odor:              Mild
Solubility:       Soluble in water
Packaging:    200L (240kg) drum, 1,000 L (1160kg) tote.