is Clearflow’s own line of products that are environmentally safe  and come in two different forms, a semi hydrated log or a granular powder. Thoroughly tested in the lab and the field, Lynx products consist of a number of different blends that are designed specifically for the chemistry of the water and soil at each site.

Lynx products are used in:

Erosion Control & Seeding

Soil Lynx – available in granular form

  • Soil stabilization,
  • Re-vegetation,
  • Agricultural crops,
  • Water treatment

Dust Control

Dust Lynx


  • Dust suppression


WHOA Dust – Available in granular form

  • Dust abatement specialized for animal safety. 


Water Treatment Systems

Water Lynx – available in Canister and Gel block form

  • Storm water treatment
  • Flowing sediment laden water treatment in
    • ditches
    • rivers
    • creeks
    • streams
    • canals
  • Pond water treatment
  • Integrated into our water treatment systems




-The latest in portable treatment systems for de-watering.


Bazooka Loads

-Five specially designed Water Lynx blocks to be used in the Bazooka


Lynx Treated Floating Curtains – designed for any width and depth

  • Polish or clean flowing water in:
    • Ponds
    • Creeks
    • Rivers
    • Canals
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