is Clearflow’s own line of products that are environmentally safe  and come in two different forms, a semi hydrated log or a granular powder. Thoroughly tested in the lab and the field, Lynx products consist of a number of different blends that are designed specifically for the chemistry of the water and soil at each site.

Lynx products are used in:


Water Lynx Liquid

Clearflow’s Water Lynx Liquid flocculants and coagulants were designed specifically for industries that deal with extremely high sediment loads, flow volumes, velocities and cold water temperatures. These industries are also typically prone to dealing with ultra fine content and Water Lynx Liquid is highly efficient at removing such forms of TSS. Maximum efficiency can be achieved through the use of this product in conjunction with appropriate water management designs.

Water Lynx Liquid

Water Lynx Blocks – available in Canister and Gel block form

  • Storm water treatment
  • Flowing sediment laden water treatment in
    • ditches
    • rivers
    • creeks
    • streams
    • canals
  • Pond water treatment
  • Integrated into our water treatment systems


Erosion Control & Seeding

Soil Lynx – available in granular form

  • Soil stabilization,
  • Re-vegetation,
  • Agricultural crops,
  • Water treatment

Dust Control

Dust Lynx


  • Dust suppression



Water Treatment Systems


-The latest in portable treatment systems for de-watering.


Bazooka Loads

-Five specially designed Water Lynx blocks to be used in the Bazooka


Lynx Treated Floating Curtains – designed for any width and depth

  • Polish or clean flowing water in:
    • Ponds
    • Creeks
    • Rivers
    • Canals


WHOA Dust – Available in granular form

  • Dust abatement specialized for animal safety. 
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