Caring for the Environment with Exceptional Standards & Services

Clearflow Enviro Systems Group inc. is a solutions based organization, that has grown its core capabilities around the unique and diverse capabilities of its team, bringing together a group of committed, dedicated and socially conscious employees. Our business philosophy is driven by five main core values:
  • Design systems, products and processes that are effective and simple (can be preformed using minimal high level technical personnel)
  • Integrate with and utilize existing infrastructure wherever possible to minimize costs to the client
  • Be very cost effective and competitively priced for water and soil treatments
  • Provide the most Environmentally Friendly products available for industry
  • Working with our clients to provide – SERVICE, CREDIBILITY, and INTEGRITY

 As an organization we offer diverse and eco-friendly solutions, that are well thought out, engineered and when necessary – outside the box.

Our Team will design site specific solutions which incorporate enviro-friendly enhancements to existing and upgraded Best Management Practices (BMPs) through the integration of Clearflow's (Lynx) line of products and other sediment control solutions which will prevent soil, seed and nutrient migration.

Using proven techniques and BMPs we can help meet or exceed water discharge goals, allowing treated water to be released directly back into the environment or reusable for industry. If need be we can create and integrate a solution that will fit within your existing foot print.


Clearflow is proud to introduce a new form of water treatment to our line up! Floating Islands are an established technology that is now available in Canada. They utilize a passive form of phytoremediation at water treatment to remove contaminants and decrease the total suspended solids in a water body. This technology is robust, effective, cost competitive and aesthetically pleasing. For more information click here! 

The following picture is from our install of the floating islands on July 23, 2014

This is the most recent picutre of the islands with vegetation in full growth on August 27, 2014

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